Mountfield Park will offer a place to accommodate Canterbury’s growth needs, delivering a guaranteed supply of housing and employment land and infrastructure for Canterbury’s next generation of newly forming households.

Creation of local employment

A place for modern businesses

Increase in local facilities

A place for community

All home will be within walking distance of open space

A place for families

Family housing will play an important role at Mountfield Park, offering space for young families to grow in an attractive and healthy environment, with schools and open spaces on the doorstep.

Why does Canterbury need so many new homes?

We acknowledge that house building on a large scale is often unpopular amongst local people because they are concerned about the impact on character and local infrastructure. However, with good planning and appropriate investment, new homes can have a positive benefit for cities like Canterbury.  om

At present, decent housing is not within the reach of thousands of households because it is unaffordable and the economic recession slowed the supply of new homes. There is a particular shortage of family homes and homes for the elderly and young people.

Without suitable family homes to attract young families, Canterbury’s population is set to age considerably. Over time this will have a detrimental effect on the local economy as it will lead to a potential labour shortage.

The Council’s submission Local Plan recognises this issue, and is being proactive in planning for economic growth and new housing in tandem. This will benefit all residents of the City, as a more prosperous population will support a greater range of facilities.

Our plans for Mountfield Park address these issues directly with the provision of homes alongside employment land, and the inclusion of facilities such as primary schools to attract families.

Why is housing supply so closely linked to the local economy?

If Canterbury is to attract investment in jobs, it must be able to demonstrate to potential investors that it has a good supply of homes that potential employees can afford to live in. Rates of house building which fail to keep up with demand will inevitably lead to an increase in house prices, which will be out of kilter with household incomes.

This can detract from the attractiveness of Canterbury as a place to do business, as salary costs may be greater than in other towns and cities. Maintaining a balance between housing demand and supply across all house types will help to regulate house prices and attract investment.

Why South Canterbury?

South Canterbury offers an ideal location for large scale development. Set within the city-side of the A2, it can benefit from direct access whilst simultaneously being contained by the road and the railway line.

The land is within a short distance of the city centre, and there are direct bus links that can be extended to serve the development. Therefore, travel to key services and facilities will be convenient.

The site is substantial in size, and capable of accommodating a range of supporting facilities alongside new homes. There are no major environmental constraints which would prevent development.

The site is in single-ownership, which will ensure a smoother path to the planning and delivery of development. It is available for development within the timeframe set out in the Council’s emerging Local Plan.