Mountfield Park is about reappraising what can be achieved with land. It's about great housing, brilliantly designed public spaces,  high quality transport connections, investment in business and infrastructure and supporting the growth of community.

Welcome to the website for Mountfield Park, where you will find up-to-date information about the proposed development at South Canterbury. 

Following Planning Committee on 13th December 2016, Canterbury City Council has made a resolution to grant planning permission, subject to conditions and a legal Section 106 Agreement. Work on the conditions and Section 106 is ongoing through discussions with the City and County Councils.

The planning permission will pave the way for new 4,000 homes, 70,000 sqm of employment floorspace, 2 primary schools, extensive areas of woodland and open space, a reserve site for the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, and a community hub to include health services, local shops and community facilities. It also includes proposals for a package of measures to promote sustainable travel including a new junction on the A2 near Bridge, an enlarged Park & Ride with 1,000 spaces, provision for fast bus travel to the city centre, and pedestrian and cycle connections. Full details of the first 140 homes have been approved and our intention is to complete the first homes by Spring next year. 

The planning application is still available to view on the Council’s website and can be found here.


Corinthian (Mountfield) Ltd.

Corinthian (Mountfield) Ltd is a Kent based developer with many years of development industry experience. Our key commitments include:

- delivering the infrastructure needed to support the growth of community. We have ambitious plans to deliver new schools, local shops, health facilities and sports pitches alongside new homes. 

- investing in highways and transport to mitigate the impact of travel demand. This includes a new A2 junction, subsided bus travel, investment in cycle infrastructure and electric car charging points.

- providing extensive green infrastructure, public open space and large areas of advance woodland planting to enhance the quality of the living environment and support local wildlife.

- creating opportunities for business and job creation to support the economic growth of the city.