Corinthian Land will be investing in local infrastructure to ensure the development addresses its own needs whilst integrating with the surrounding city. Infrastructure planning is central to our masterplanning activity.

Creation of local employment

Space to breathe

Increase in local facilities

A place for lifestyle

All home will be within walking distance of open space

A sustainable place

We aim to create an environment in which others will want to invest. This includes local and national housebuilders, local home buyers and business investors.

Integrating the development

The investment at Mountfield Park provides an opportunity to address some of the current shortcomings in the city’s infrastructure, as well as ensuring the new development is well integrated with the city. Our proposals include:

  • A new A2 junction near Bridge.
  • An enlarged Park & Ride to cater for 1000 cars
  • Investment in ‘Fast Bus’ and bus facilities to encourage more people to use sustainable travel
  • A reserve site for the Kent & Canterbury Hospital. The NHS Trust is considering its future options, and a decision is yet to be reached. 
  • A new sewer connection from South Canterbury to Sturry Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Investment to improve existing cycle routes, with new routes within the site connection to existing routes at Pilgrims Way and Langton Lane for easy travel to the city centre

When will the infrastructure be delivered?

The 4,000 dwellings will be delivered in phases over a 15 – 20 year period. Infrastructure will be delivered alongside homes to ensure each phase of development can meet its own needs.

The new A2 junction and park and ride facility will commence in the early years of the scheme to encourage bus patronage. 

What about drainage?

We have been working with Southern Water and Kent County Council to agree a suitable drainage strategy. Most of the surface water will be managed within the confines of the development through the implementation of a sustainable drainage system (SuDS). The rate of run-off into local water courses will be maintained at present rates.

The public open spaces will include landscaped drainage swales and attenuation ponds as part of the SuDS. These in turn can promote diverse habitat for wildlife. Foul drainage will require a new sewer connection to Sturry Waste Water Treatment Works, where capacity exists to meet the development needs. Discussions with Southern Water have confirmed the route, cost and timetable for this work.

The relocation of Kent & Canterbury Hospital

Mountfield Park can provide a new state-of-the-art hospital for the area, with direct access to the A2.