Mountfield Park will be well connected, locally and nationally, making it an attractive location for business.

Creation of local employment

Safe cycle paths

Increase in local facilities

Investment in travel

All home will be within walking distance of open space

Integrating the North Downs Way


The development at South Canterbury will trigger much needed investment in the city transport and highways infrastructure, which will benefit the wider city and help Canterbury make a step-change towards meeting its own sustainable travel objectives over the next 15 years. 

What are we doing to reduce the impact of traffic?

We will deliver an exciting Travel Plan by:

1. Investing heavily in cycling and walking:

- New cycle routes will connect to existing routes for easy travel, with good signage throughout the development

- We are designing attractive, safe and connected streets to encourage walking and cycling

- We have designed dedicated cycle storage into the first 140 homes

- We are exploring the potential for a cycle hire scheme on the site, as well as an electric bike and scooter hire scheme to help those with reduced mobility

- Providing secure cycle storage in our community hub, business development and schools

2. Prioritising bus travel as the principal means of reaching the city centre:

- We are providing a new route for ‘Fast Bus’, with priority measures to ensure swift travel through and beyond the site

- We are investing in a new Park & Ride so even more cars can be taken off the city’s roads

- We are liaising with bus operators to ensure existing routes extend through the site

- We will offer every new household subsidised bus travel for two years

- We will fund highway improvements to remove some of the problems which hold up buses

3. Exploring alternatives to car ownership including:

- Setting up a car-sharing database to encourage car-sharing

- Exploring the potential for an on-site car club for short-term, pay-as-you-go car hire

- Employing a Travel Plan co-ordinator to ensure residents are well informed about alternative and efficient ways of getting around

- Providing electric vehicle charging points

4. Making journeys shorter

- Local shops, schools, jobs and community facilities will be within easy walking or cycling distance of new homes and workplaces. In many cases, it will be simply quicker and cheaper to leave the car at home.